Foot and Ankle Osteoarthritis – What You Need to Know

Senior Care Seattle WA

Senior Care Seattle WA

“Arthritis” is a term that is used to describe many different conditions that inflammation and pain in the joints of the body. One type of arthritis that is common among seniors is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common kind of arthritis and it develops as people age. Over time, injury and inflammation begin to take their toll on the joints, which leads to the break down of the cartilage which surrounds the joint and cushions it. This can lead to joint pain, swelling, and even deformity. Because the joints in the feet and ankles take a lot of impact and have a lot of pressure put on them over the years, it is not uncommon for seniors to develop osteoarthritis in the feet and ankles. Foot and ankle pain, however common, can lead to a decreased quality of life in your senior loved one and it can prevent them from doing activities they love as well as everyday tasks.

Read on for more information about osteoarthritis and what you can do to help your loved one to manage this condition.

What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the foot and ankle?

When your senior loved one is affected by foot and ankle osteoarthritis, they will most likely experience pain, swelling, and/or stiffness in the joint. They may also even experience pain so severe that they are unable to walk or put weight on their foot or ankle.

What are the treatment options for osteoarthritis in the foot and ankle?

Thankfully there are many treatment options for this painful condition and many do not involve medications or surgery. Some of these treatments include physical therapy, orthotic inserts for the shoes, custom shoes, canes or braces for the ankle and/or foot, and arch supports or pads that can be inserted into the shoes. If these methods are not effective, your loved one’s doctor may recommend that they take anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers, or have steroid injections in the affected joints. If these non-surgical treatments are not effective for your loved one, their doctor may recommend surgery to replace or improve the affected joint.

Can foot and ankle osteoarthritis be managed at home?

Wearing supportive shoes that fit comfortably, doing foot and ankle stretches, and doing certain low-impact exercises are all things that your senior loved one can do at home to help relieve the pain of foot and ankle osteoarthritis.


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