Ways to Work Out When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

Your dad tends to sit and watch TV all day. His doctor told him to get outside and walk for at least half an hour each day. Now that it’s getting colder, he has a hard time walking when the sidewalks are icy or when it’s too cold. Here are some easy ways he can get the exercise he needs without going outside.

Senior Care Bellevue WA - Ways to Work Out When It's Too Cold to Go Outside

Senior Care Bellevue WA – Ways to Work Out When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

Use a Treadmill

While a good treadmill will cost a few hundred dollars, they’re great for getting in a half-hour walk without having to go outside. Your dad can put on some music and start walking. Motorized treadmills allow him to pick up the pace or create an incline so that he gets more of a workout. There are non-motorized ones that may be better if he’s not steady on his feet and needs the machine to go at his pace.

Walk Laps Around the House

Depending on your dad’s home, he may be able to walk circles around his house. An open floor plan makes this easy. He can walk around his floor for half an hour and get in his daily walk without heading outside.

Do Steps on the Stairs

If the house isn’t a good place to walk in circles, he could do a step workout instead. For half an hour, he could climb a step or two and then step back down. Repeating this for half an hour gets in plenty of steps and works out the leg muscles, which can help with balance.

Turn on a Yoga Video

If your dad doesn’t like the idea of pacing around his house or walking up and down a step or two, he could turn on a yoga video. He can purchase some good ones online. If he has a Roku box, there are free yoga channels for free workouts.

Drive to an Area Mall

If none of that works for your dad, he can drive himself or get someone to drive him to the mall. Many malls allow people to enter an hour before stores open to exercise. Your dad can walk a lap or two and get in his walk before the crowds come in.

If your dad no longer drives, it’s likely there are other things he’s struggling with. Mobility is a major concern. Many seniors have a harder time with mobility as they age. If this describes your dad, hire a senior care services provider. Senior care professionals can drive him to appointments and area businesses and be there to make sure he doesn’t fall. Learn more by calling our senior care agency.

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