Progressive muscle relaxation allows both you and your elderly loved one to examine muscle tension in your bodies and to learn how to consciously relax those muscles. It can take a little bit of practice at first, though.

Homecare Seattle WA - How to Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Your Elderly Loved One

Homecare Seattle WA – How to Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Your Elderly Loved One

Get Comfortable and Breathe for a Bit

The first step in any sort of relaxation technique is to get comfortable and to focus on your breathing. For your elderly loved one, this might mean lying down or sitting up, depending on what position is most comfortable for her. You might want to also consider loosening tight clothing, removing footwear, and turning off ringers. Breathe deeply with your loved one for a few minutes to help get into a relaxing space.

Focus on One Body Part at a Time

When you’re ready, start with one body part, say your feet, and focus on them. Don’t worry about what other body parts are doing. Instead, focus only on your feet. This can be really difficult at first, so if you or your elderly loved one have any problems, don’t worry about that. As you practice more, it will be easier and easier for you to be able to focus on that one body part.

Tense the Muscles, then Relax Them

For each body part, you’re going to consciously tense the muscles in that body part as firmly as you can. Hold that tension for a few seconds. Once that time is up, relax the muscles fully. Embrace that relaxed feeling. It will be more obvious and hopefully even more relaxing after the previous tension. This type of exercise allows you and your loved one to experience what tension in that area truly feels like so you can experience the relaxation, too.

Go at a Pace that Suits Your Needs

Once you’re done with your feet, move up the legs and the rest of your body. You’ll want to get to every part of your body during each session, but you should only go at a pace that works for both you and your elderly loved one. When you’re done, you can share what your experiences were like with each other.

Hiring elder homecare providers can give your elderly loved one someone to practice progressive muscle relaxation with when you can’t be around.

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