Heart health is an urgent issue for your aging adult. Keeping her heart in good working order might mean making some lifestyle changes, however, and that can be a little difficult. These are just a few of the changes your senior might need to consider in order to keep her ticker going strong for years to come.

Senior Care Renton WA - What Can You Do to Keep Your Aging Adult's Heart Strong?

Senior Care Renton WA – What Can You Do to Keep Your Aging Adult’s Heart Strong?

Work Exercise into Her Routine

Once you’ve talked with your elderly family member’s doctor, you have a much better idea where she’s starting out, what she can do, and where you can go from there. When it comes to exercise, starting out slowly and consistently helps your senior to stick with the plan. Find something that she enjoys doing that allows her to move her body and make it easy for her to do that every day.

Look at Her Eating Habits

Your elderly family member’s doctor can give you specific recommendations for her eating plan that fit her individual needs. A general rule of thumb is to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins and whole grains. Changing a way of eating can take some time, so as with exercise, go slowly and stay consistent.

Cut Back on Some Vices

Vices such as alcohol and smoking can do damage to your aging adult’s heart. If these are a part of her life, work with her doctor to determine how much of a factor they are in her heart health. Cutting back can, in some cases, be extremely helpful. This is especially important to keep in mind if your senior family member is resistant to quitting altogether.

Revamp Her Sleep Routines

Sleep is so important for overall health, no matter what age someone is. For your elderly family member, look at when she’s getting to sleep and the quality of the sleep she’s getting. From there, sort out a plan that helps her to get quality sleep regularly. If sleep is an area that gives your aging adult a good bit of trouble, work with her doctor to help her sort out the potential causes and come up with solutions.

Having senior care providers available helps both you and your elderly family member to stay on track with her overall heart health plan.

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