How to Help Your Senior Loved One Plan a Move to Your House

Senior Care Renton WA

Senior Care Renton WAIt’s a difficult time for both you and your senior loved one to realize that she needs even more care. This can lead to having her move into your home so that you can become a full-time family caregiver.

Start Decluttering Early

Depending on how long your senior loved one has lived in her current residence, she may have quite a bit of clutter that she needs to handle. Clutter can range from old paperwork that needs to be shredded to furniture and other belongings that may not make it to her new home. It’s important that you and your elderly loved one sit down together to make these decisions. You should start decluttering as early in the process as you possibly can.

Determine What Space Will Belong to Your Loved One

In your own home, you need to know what space is going to be allocated for your senior loved one. Some homes have separate guest suites or areas that allow your loved one to have a home of sorts within your home. You may need to start decluttering these areas, too. Some of the existing furniture may get reused as your loved one’s new furniture or you may need to put it into storage to allow her to bring her own belongings over.

Make Any Safety Changes or Adjustments that Are Necessary

While you’re checking out the areas of your home that are now going to belong to your loved one, assess them for safety. Your loved one may have some very specific needs that require some home improvement. For example, in the bathroom you may need to add hand rails in the tub and in the area around the toilet and sink. Look at your loved one’s needs to determine what the biggest safety concerns are.

Line up Help for Moving Day

Very few people are able to move with just a couple of suitcases, so it’s a good idea to line up help for the day of your loved one’s move. It’s a good way to get other family members involved in the event and it can help them to feel more secure to see your loved one’s new home within your home.

Try to give yourself as much time as possible for each step. Your loved one may need extra time to come to terms with the idea, too.

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