Your father has been hospitalized. Maybe he was hospitalized last week, two weeks ago, or a month ago. You’re not quite sure if his recovery is going along as expected, and you’re concerned he may wind up back in the hospital.

Senior Care Puyallup WA - Three Signs Dad’s Recovery Is Off Track

Senior Care Puyallup WA – Three Signs Dad’s Recovery Is Off Track

If he ends up back in the hospital within 30 days of his discharge, that would technically be categorized as a ‘readmission.’ The federal government is increasing its pressure on hospitals to reduce these rates, and hospitals are providing more information and support services to patients upon discharge.

Your father should have the right support in place at home to help maximize the chances of recovering properly. If he doesn’t have the right support system, he may exhibit some of these three signs that could very well indicate his recovery is off track.

Sign #1: He’s not eating healthy.

Depending on the reason for the hospitalization, your father’s doctor may have admonished him to change his diet. He may have been very clear about the expectations he had, as your father’s doctor directed, on what he needed to do.

For example, your father may have had a heart attack and some of his arteries were clogged. His doctor might have admonished him to avoid high saturated fat and high cholesterol foods, but your father is still going forward with the same diet he had that led to this heart attack in the first place. That’s a pretty good indication his recovery is not on track.

Sign #2: He is not exercising.

Most seniors are encouraged by their doctors to exercise regularly. This can include 15 minutes of solid, cardiovascular exercise every day. If your father is not exercising, why not?

He may not see the point in it. He may have other family members or even friends discourage him from exercising, despite what his doctor recommended. It’s important that he is clear on expectations from his doctor and if he wants to exercise but has been advised to avoid it, he may need to wait until his recovery is complete before he gets back out and exercises.

Sign #3: He is complaining.

If your father is in pain or constantly complaining about this thing or that, some pain or another, it could be that he’s generally an ornery person who is prone to complaining, or it could be a sign that something’s not quite right. He should be encouraged to contact his doctor if he feels things are not progressing as he would’ve expected at this point in his recovery.

The more that seniors and their support system, including senior home care aides and family, pay attention to these signs, the easier it is to stay on top of recovery and make adjustments, as needed.

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