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Encouraging your loved one to eat a healthy diet and to exercise regularly are two great ways for you to help them prevent many serious medical conditions, including cancer.  But, did you know that there are many healthy foods that are known to have cancer-fighting benefits?  It is true!  If your loved one is at risk for certain types of cancer or has a family history, it is a great idea to start incorporating some of these cancer-preventing foods into their normal eating routine.  In addition to having cancer-fighting benefits, these foods are also a great source of nutrients and can easily fit into your loved one’s healthy diet.

Here are just a few of these surprising cancer-preventing foods:

  • Brazil Nuts 

There are not many foods that contain a large amount of the trace mineral selenium, but the brazil nut is one of them.  Selenium is a nutrient that helps promote DNA in cells and it can help eliminate cancer cells.  To help your loved one get plenty of selenium, be sure to add brazil nuts to snack/trail mixes and you can even chop them and serve them on top of yogurt or oatmeal.

  • Garlic 

Garlic is a wonderful herb to have on hand.  If your loved one is cutting back on sodium, using garlic is a great way to flavor food without adding extra salt.  In addition, garlic has cancer-preventing benefits as it helps the body’s natural immune system to fight against cancer cells.  Try adding garlic to pasta, salsa, soups, baked chicken breasts, steamed vegetables, and more.

  • Cruciferous Vegetables 

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, and cabbage are not only nutrient-dense and great sources of fiber, they can also help prevent kidney cancer.  Strive to serve these veggies once a week to get the maximum cancer-fighting benefit.

  • Green Tea 

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which promote healthy cell growth.  In addition, it contains a chemical called EGCG which may have cancer-fighting benefits.  Green tea is a wonderful beverage to enjoy hot or iced.  It is a great alternative to sugary sodas and beverages that can have excessive sugar and calories.

  • Salmon 

Salmon is a great lean protein to serve to your loved one on a regular basis and it has many health benefits.  It is high amount of omega-3 fatty acids may aid in cancer prevention.

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