Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Your Elderly Parent’s Home

The Christmas tree is an iconic part of the holiday season, and for many families it makes its appearance on or near Thanksgiving. As a family caregiver you want to make sure that your parent’s home is kept safe and secure for the holidays, but you also want to encourage them to be festive and enjoy the emotional boost of celebrating the season. Taking the time to ensure the safety of their tree can ensure they can experience the joy of the holidays without the risk.

Some safety tips for your parent’s Christmas tree include:

If your parent insists on having a real tree, ensure that it is fresh without dry needles that may be flammable. If not, select an artificial tree for easier setup and less flammability.

  • Home Care Services Tacoma WA - Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Your Elderly Parent's Home

    Home Care Services Tacoma WA – Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Your Elderly Parent’s Home

    Set up the tree at least three feet away from any heat source, such as a space heater, furnace, or fireplace
    If possible, choose a prelit tree to avoid the need to string lights.

  • Discourage your senior from trying to plug in their lights themselves if they deal with mobility issues.
  • Use lights with a pedal or request that your parent wait for you or their home care provider light them.
  • Check all lights before putting them on the tree and replace any that are old, outdated, or frayed.
  • Remember that contemporary LED lights are more efficient and burn cool, making them safer.

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult can be extremely challenging, but fortunately home care services are there for you. A home care services provider can make a tremendous difference in your parent’s quality of life, and in your life as well. The highly personalized services of this care provider can ensure that your aging parent’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations are met in ways that are right for them.

This not only helps them to stay healthy, happy, comfortable, and safe, but also promotes greater independence, activity, and fulfillment as they age in place. For you, this can ease your stress and allow you to step back some from your parent’s care efforts, enabling you to focus on other needs in your life such as your children, your partner, your career, and yourself. This not only protects your health and well-being, but allows you to give the effort you can as effectively, efficiently, and meaningfully as possible.


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