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Visiting an elderly loved one and finding his home packed to overflowing can make many a family caregiver want to run for the hills. But it’s important to help him get rid of some of those items, even if it’s a little bit difficult.

Take a Picture of the Item

Some elderly loved ones hold onto items for sentimental reasons, which makes it even more difficult to let the item go. But it may not make sense for your loved one to keep the actual item in question. Try suggesting that you take one or more really excellent pictures of the items in question. Then you can print them out for your loved one and either frame them or store them in a photo album for easy access.

Save a Portion of the Item

When an item has a tactile component, such as a special item of clothing or a baby blanket, taking a picture can only go so far. Try suggesting that your loved one keeps a portion of the item, such as a scrap of lace from a dress or a corner of the blanket. You can take a picture of the full item before you capture a portion of it and then your loved one has a picture and a keepsake from the item.

Encourage Your Loved One to Donate

If your loved one is hanging onto things “just in case” or because “someone might need it,” she may have way more items on hand than she can ever use or offer to someone. In this case, it’s a good idea to suggest that your loved one donate those items so that someone can actually use them now. If the items include food, always make sure that they’re not expired.

Make Sure Your Loved One Has Company

For some elderly loved ones, holding onto items helps them to feel less alone. The items become “friends” of a sort and they make your loved one feel more secure. If you can’t be there with him as often as you like, it might be time to ask other family members to visit more often or hire home care providers to spend time with your loved one.

If your loved one is a true hoarder, you’re likely going to need help in the form of a counselor or therapist to be of the utmost assistance to your loved one.

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