Diabetes and Depression: What to Do When an Aging Adult Has Both

Diabetes and depression sometimes go hand in hand. In fact, the Mayo Clinic says that people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at a greater risk for depression. They also say that those who are depressed are at a greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, both are treatable conditions and when one is treated, the other can also improve.

Home Care Puyallup WA - Diabetes and Depression: What to Do When an Aging Adult Has Both

Home Care Puyallup WA – Diabetes and Depression: What to Do When an Aging Adult Has Both

The Depression and Diabetes Link

Depression and diabetes can be a cycle. The stress that accompanies dealing with diabetes can affect a person’s mood, leading to depression. Diabetes can also make the symptoms of other existing health conditions worse, making depression symptoms worse as well. When a person has depression, they might make poor decisions about their health. For example, they might reach for unhealthy snacks loaded with fat and sugar instead of making something healthy. These kinds of unhealthy decisions can raise the risks for developing diabetes. And, depression can affect the way a person thinks and acts, which could cause them to have difficulty managing their diabetes.

Home Care Can Help Manage Both

There are several ways to manage diabetes and depression at the same time. Some ways to manage the conditions include:

Psychotherapy: People with depression may respond well to psychotherapy, which can lead to better management of diabetes as well.

Self-Management: There are diabetes programs that teach people how to better manage their diabetes through behavioral changes. These programs may give older adults a sense of being in control, which can improve their feelings of well-being.

Lifestyle Changes: Making changes to the way a person eats, increasing physical activity, and quitting smoking can all improve diabetes symptoms. These lifestyle changes can also improve overall health, which may reduce symptoms of depression.

Medication: There are medications for the treatment of both conditions. Seeing a doctor and sticking to the medication schedule they set can help.

Older adults with home care providers may be able to better manage symptoms of both diabetes and depression. Some of the things they can help with are:

Transportation: Home care providers can drive seniors to and from medical appointments, therapy sessions, diabetes programs, and group exercise classes.

Medication Reminders: Home care providers can remind older adults to take medications prescribed by their doctors.

Cooking: Home care providers can prepare healthy meals that follow the senior’s diabetic eating plan.

Encouragement: Home care providers are an added level of support for a person who is struggling with physical and mental health. They can help celebrate the good days and manage the bad ones.

If your parent is struggling with diabetes or depression, consider hiring a home care provider to assist them. Remember that home care providers can do almost anything for your parent that you can, so they are a great way to extend care even when you cannot be there yourself.

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