Elderly Care Tacoma WA

Elderly Care Tacoma WA

August 2 is National Coloring Book Day. This is the perfect time for you to enjoy some of the fun and benefits of coloring with your elderly parent. While coloring is often thought of as something that is only for children, the truth is that adults can glean many benefits from spending time coloring, and a variety of companies are making it even more beneficial and enjoyable by putting out coloring books specifically designed for adults. By spending time coloring your parent can reduce their stress, ease anxiety and tension, improve memory skill and cognitive processing, reconnect with themselves as an individual and their creativity, and clear their mind so that they are better able to process emotions, decisions, and situations that may have been bothering them.

In order for your aging parent to get the most benefit from their coloring, it is important to select the right coloring materials. Try these tips to help you select the best coloring tools for your aging loved one:

  • Find the right book. The range of adult coloring books is tremendous and no matter what your parent’s interests, it is likely that you will find one that appeals to them. There are books with basic animal and nature images, geometric patterns, words, and even characters and scenes from books or movies. Do not immediately discount children’s coloring books, however. If your parent has low vision, tremors, cognitive limitations, or even just prefers simpler images, children’s coloring books may be perfect for them.
  • Find the right utensils. Everyone has their favorite medium for coloring, whether it is crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Encourage your parent to choose the one that they like the most, and then look for versions that are easy for your parent to use. They may prefer utensils that are larger and easier to hold, or that are easy to differentiate by color. If they suffer from limitations such as tremors, consider using adaptive devices such as weights to help them hold and use these utensils better.
  • Find the right lighting. Lighting is vital when it comes to coloring. Without enough lighting your parent may have to strain to see the image or work their eyes too hard to see the correct colors. Choose a place in the home with plenty of lighting, or augment the lighting with a desk lamp to ensure easy viewing of the coloring book and the utensils.

Keeping your elderly parent’s mind active and sharp can be one of the best benefits that they receive from an elderly care arrangement. Whether you are a distance caregiver, do not have the time to be in the home with your loved one as often as you would like to, or simply feel that they would benefit from having a wider range of social interaction and mental stimulation, an elderly home care services provider may be the ideal solution. This care provider can create a customized approach to care that includes companionship, activities, and entertainment, as well as physical care, assistance, and support for a care routine that is truly focused on the whole person rather than just one aspect. This means that your elder will get the best quality care and support, and live a higher quality of life as they age in place.


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