Elderly Care Renton WA

Elderly Care Renton WA

In the summer, your elderly loved one may be getting many invitations to attend picnics, cookouts, and barbecues. These fun events are one of the best parts of summer. They are great opportunities for your loved one to get out and about and to meet up with friends that they may not have seen over the long winter. If your elderly loved one is trying to eat a healthy diet, however, they may feel nervous about attending parties where there will be loads of unhealthy food and worried that they will not be able to stick to their healthy eating plan. While it is true that summer cookouts and potlucks often feature foods like ribs, hot dogs, and salads filled with mayonnaise and other heavy dressings, not all potluck food has to be bad for health. If your elderly loved one would like to prepare a dish for their next summer potluck, why not help them to make one that will be tasty and nutritious? Surprisingly enough, they have plenty of options! Here are just a few:

* Fruit Salad  You can never go wrong with a fruit salad. This dish is popular among people of all ages from young children to seniors and it is a staple at outdoor parties. Simply chop up favorite fruits and toss them together in a large bowl. Or, save half of a watermelon rind to make a watermelon “bowl” to serve the salad in. Fruit salad is filled with essential vitamins and it can help your loved one and other guests to stay hydrated!

* Guacamole  Skip the cheesy or creamy dressing dips and make a fresh guacamole dip instead. Guacamole is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables (avocado is a fruit!) and it is a tasty dip that is certainly a crowd-pleaser. To make tasty guacamole, include mashed avocados, diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro, minced garlic, pepper, lime juice, and diced red onion. To make this dish even more healthy, serve it with chopped veggies in addition to chips.

* Hummus  Hummus is another great dip to serve at potlucks. It is filled with protein and fiber and it is low in fat. Serve this savory dip with carrot sticks, raw broccoli, celery sticks, raw cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and whole grain pita bread wedges to add even more nutrients to an already healthy potluck dish.

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