What Does Your Respite Time Do for Your Elder Loved One?

At its simplest, respite time is about giving you a break from having to be the caregiver on deck for a little while. Even a few hours a month of respite time can do amazing things for you, but did you know that it can also do some great things for your elder adult?

Elder Care Shoreline WA - What Does Your Respite Time Do for Your Elder Loved One?

Elder Care Shoreline WA – What Does Your Respite Time Do for Your Elder Loved One?

Respite Gives Her a Break, Too

You may finally understand just how much you need a break from caregiving and from your aging adult. Needing that break isn’t a bad thing, either; it is just how life works. The same is true for your elder. Sometimes, she needs a break from you, too. That old saying about a little absence making the heart grow fonder can definitely be true when you’ve been getting on each other’s nerves.

Allows Her to Socialize with Others

It’s extremely helpful for your aging adult to be able to socialize with other people besides you. Simply having other family members or elder care providers there with her gives her that opportunity, but there are other options, too. Your respite care helper might be willing to offer transportation to the local senior center, for instance. This can be incredibly helpful when you want or need to get other things done at home.

May Get Her out of the House for a Bit

Just as you need a change of scenery now and again, your aging adult does, too. Trips to the doctor and running errands don’t always count for that, either. Make arrangements for your elder to occasionally go do other things with people she enjoys spending time with at a museum or some other locale she’d enjoy. The benefits of that outing will stick with her.

It’s Necessary

Respite care is more than just a good idea. It’s necessary for everyone involved in the caregiving process. It helps to keep both you and your aging adult happier, healthier, and better able to enjoy the time that you are able to spend with each other.

Make respite a regular part of your routine. You’ll benefit from it and so will your elderly family member.

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