Elder Care Issaquah WA

Elder Care Issaquah WA

Helping your elderly loved one to eat well is a big goal for most family caregivers. There are a variety of ways that you can accomplish this goal, but it can take some planning.

Cook More Often

If you’re not already cooking regularly, you need to be. It seems like cooking takes much more time, but if you’re starting with fresh ingredients, you can actually make meals that taste much better than what you can order in or pull out of a microwave. You think at the time that you’re saving yourself time, but that’s misleading.

Cook All at Once

One way to really make the most of cooking from scratch is to set aside an afternoon or a full day and cook a full week’s worth of meals at once. If you use a slow cooker regularly, you might even simply prep the meals for the week to have them ready for the slow cooker every day. When you do cook or prep everything at once, it’s a good idea to tape a note to each container that includes instructions for reheating so that you don’t have to look for that when it’s time to reheat.

Request Help from Friends and Family

When you’re seriously strapped for time or you just need a break, talk to your friends and other family members. You can either make a request for specific recipes or simply put out a call that you need some extra help with cooking. If you do go this route, make sure that everyone who will be helping you with meals knows what your loved one is allergic to or otherwise couldn’t or shouldn’t be eating.

Hire Elder Care Providers to Cook 

Yet another option is to hire elder care providers who can cook for your loved one. This is a fantastic option because the elder care provider can help your loved one plan the meals that she wants to eat, go shopping for the ingredients, and help with meal preparation. This is a wonderful option for a loved one who still wants to be very involved in the process.

You can even go with a combination of these ideas in order to set up the best system possible for you and your loved one.

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