How to Help Your Parent Eat Healthy on a Budget

A lot of elderly adults live on a fixed income, and it may be less than the income they enjoyed when they were working. Sometimes it can be hard for them to stretch their money over all of their monthly needs, including groceries. Unfortunately, this can lead to unhealthy eating habits because it can be cheaper to eat processed and less nutritious foods. If your parent struggles to eat well on a budget, below are some tips to help.

Elder Care Federal Way WA - How to Help Your Parent Eat Healthy on a Budget

Elder Care Federal Way WA – How to Help Your Parent Eat Healthy on a Budget

Freeze Fresh Produce

Produce is cheaper when you buy it in season. Visit local farmer’s markets and purchase fresh produce when it is on sale. Find out the best way to process the food to freeze it, such as whether a food should be blanched or peeled. Stock the freezer with healthy produce and use it in the winter months when the costs may be higher.

Read Labels

Knowing what kind of information to look for on food labels can help with making healthier choices. Look for foods that contain less fat, sugar, and sodium. This may help elders to avoid purchasing unhealthy foods just because they are cheaper.

Stick to Recommended Servings

Measuring foods to eat the recommended amount can help seniors to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, it may help them to eat less, which can reduce grocery costs.

Use Coupons

Clipping coupons and combining them with sales can be a huge money saver. However, use coupons only when they are for an item the elder would purchase anyway. Also, check to see if another brand might be cheaper even after the coupon.

Plan Meals Around Sales

Take time to look through the sales flyers for local grocery stores and use them to plan the menu for the week. If fish is on sale, plan a meal or two with fish as the protein. Also, sign up for grocery store savings cards.

Choose Whole Grains and Beans

Not only are whole grains and beans a healthy choice, they are also inexpensive. They can help to bulk up a meal and make it more filling.

Hiring an elder care provider may also be useful in helping your parent to stick to a healthy diet. An elder care provider can help to peel and chop fresh vegetables, a task that can be difficult for senior hands. Elder care providers can also take your parent grocery shopping and help them to read labels to make healthier choices.


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