Three Important Things to Know About Alzheimer’s

Elder Care Gig Harbor WA

Elder Care Gig Harbor WA-Dealing with the fact a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may not be easy. It could be a spouse, parent, sibling, or somebody else close to you. Whoever it is, you may have had concerns about their memory, health, and various risk factors in the past.

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When and How to Use “I” Statements as a Family Caregiver

Elderly Care Federal Way WA

Elderly Care Federal Way WA-Using “I” statements can dramatically improve your communication with your elderly loved one and other family members. As you become more comfortable with them, they’ll be easier to formulate.

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What Kinds of Mistakes Could Be Keeping Your Loved One from Using Her Cane Properly?

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Home Health Care Bellevue WA-Using a cane can be extremely helpful to your elderly loved one, but there are some mistakes that could keep the cane from being as helpful as it could be. Troubleshooting these errors can make a huge difference for your loved one’s mobility.

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