Facts That You Should Know About Parkinson’s Disease

Elderly Care Puyallup WA

Elderly Care Puyallup WA-Being an effective family caregiver means identifying the challenges and risks that your elderly parent might face and understanding them in the best way possible so that you can give them the care, support, and encouragement that they need to manage these needs. One such risk is Parkinson’s disease.

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Should You Really be Using Antibacterial Soap?

Home Care Kirkland WA

Home Care Kirkland WA-As a family caregiver you know how important it is for you to control germs and help your aging loved one avoid infection and illness. Older adults tend to have immune systems that are not as effective as those of younger adults, which means that they are more likely to contract an illness or infection, and will have a more difficult time fighting off that issue if it does arise.

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Helping an Elderly Parent Sleep Through the Night

Elder Care Shoreline WA

Elder Care Shoreline WA-Insomnia is a leading problem reported amount the elderly. There are multiple reasons for this issue; therefore, determining the cause is vital to finding the solution.

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Tips for Caring for a Senior with Osteoporosis

Home Health Care Issaquah WA

Home Health Care Issaquah WA-If your parent has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, the home health care that you give them is essential to helping the avoid the potentially devastating injuries that can occur due to the weakening of your loved one’s bones.

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